Our Story

Reventics – A provider engagement company

Reventics believes in empowering and partnering with physicians to address the fundamental and longstanding problems of clinical and financial under-performance in a highly complex US healthcare environment. This approach of a true collaborative partnership model with physicians makes us a unique company in the provider engagement space. Our clients are our partners and through those collaborations, Reventics has developed world class solutions that deliver tangible, measurable results in a short span of time.

At the heart of Reventics’ approach is optimizing the processes, using analytics to derive insights and deploying a technological framework for optimizing the solution. Our solutions are client specific and our emphasis is on delivering significant ROI for each client. In its continual effort to improve the solution set, Reventics acquired Beacon Medical Services in February 2016. Reventics expanded Beacon’s well established clinically oriented RCM and coding capabilities to provide end-to- end provider engagements solutions spanning from clinical practice improvement to clinical documentation & quality improvement initiatives. At Reventics, our mission is to help our clients focus on patient care while we continue to drive productivity and efficiency increase through analytics-driven, technology-enabled solutions. It means, that by partnering with Reventics, physicians are instantly given the necessary tools to streamline their processes, increase revenue, and enhance their patient experience.

In working with the providers, Reventics recognizes the importance of ensuring a robust compliance program. Reventics’ Compliance Program is designed in accordance with OIG guidelines. Each year we review the OIG’s Annual Work Plan for the following year, as well as the accomplishments of our Compliance Program for that year, to determine what changes and audits we want to incorporate into our program for the following year. In addition, Reventics has a comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Program that complies with the provisions of the HIPAA Privacy Rule (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). Reventics’ Compliance Officer provides oversight of its HIPAA programs.