Coding and Auditing Solutions

RevCODE is a best in class coding and audit management solution to help improve revenue and compliance

  • Exceptional coding accuracy
  • Technology enabled solution
  • Highly qualified coding specialists

Our Approach

Reventics provides best in class coding and audit management solution to help improve revenue and compliance outcomes for its physician clients. Our unique approach is based on physician developed policies and training programs that is integral to the coding solutions. Our auditing entails conducting internal or external reviews of coding accuracy, policies, and procedures to ensure that our clients are running an efficient and a compliant, liability-free operation.


Exceptional accuracy levels

Reventics has a structured coder training, audit and feedback program resulting in 95% plus coding accuracy levels. We maintain a separate, independent audit team that performs coding audit services for our coders. Our coding accuracy is further enhanced by our unique approach of:

  • Physician led compliance program
  • Ongoing physician led training programs for the coders
  • Documentation improvement inputs to clients
Technology enabled solution

Reventics utilizes a scalable, ICD-10 compliant, technology solution that applies coding policies consistently, improves coding accuracy and turnaround times. In addition, our platform’s reporting capabilities provide specific inputs for physicians to improve their documentation on an ongoing basis.

  • Use of computer-assisted-coding to improve productivity
  • Use of RevCode, Reventics’ proprietary coding and auditing platform
  • Guaranteed 48 – 72 hour coding turnaround time
Highly qualified coding specialists

Reventics’ physician led coding program ensures that our coding specialists are abreast with the latest guidelines and updates in the industry. This enables our clients to achieve appropriate reimbursement for their comprehensive and, often, undervalued (from a coding perspective) professional services. Some of the unique attributes of Reventics’ coders are:

  • Coders are typically AAPC or AHIMA certified
  • Coders undertake additional internal certification to ensure adherence to medical specialty coding requirements as well as to Reventics’ coding policies
  • Coding professionals have specialized skill sets across multiple specialties (both surgical and non-surgical coding)

Solutions Overview

Professional Coding

Reventics’ coding solution recognizes different payers’ coding standards. Recognizing that accurate coding is crucial to meet financial and compliance goals, Reventics offers a comprehensive variety of coding solutions. Our medical coders go through a rigorous recruitment process and ongoing quality audit with an emphasis on accuracy. Working at client locations or remote, our coders are supported by ongoing credentialing, training and education support. Our coders perform the following services:

  • Define diagnoses and symptoms of the patient encounter and link them to the billed procedures
  • Determine incomplete documentation and specific documentation deficiencies
  • Educate physicians (in collaboration with Reventics’ clinicians) on proper documentation for justifying billable services and for compliance/ risk management
Coding Audit

Reventics offers a comprehensive accuracy review of its client’s coding processes. Accuracy review of coding related, billing and reimbursement practices is aimed at identifying potential problems and stopping coding related denials and/ or compliance related risks. Our audit solutions identify mistakes and help prevent future coding-related denials. Our auditors are abreast with the latest coding guidelines and ensure that audits are accurate, compliant, and comprehensive. Some of the features that distinguishes are auditing solutions are:

  • Compliance program led by our Chief Medical Officer
  • Experienced and credentialed auditors
  • Reventics auditors utilize RevCode, our proprietary application that standardizes audits, and provides results that are actionable and easy to understand