Clinical Practice Improvement

Reventics’ CPI solution improves overall clinical and administrative performance of the practice

  • Customized practice based solutions
  • Consulting led implementations
  • Focus on end to end solutions

Our Approach

Reventics’ Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI) focuses on all three instances of patient’s interaction with the practice, namely: pre-visit, visit and post-visit interactions. Our solutions are based on using a data driven analytical approach coupled with a consulting framework to implement practical on the ground initiatives. Typical engagements include redesigning workflows to improve patient access and intake processes, reducing patient wait times, increasing capacity, and bolstering patient satisfaction.


Customized practice based solutions

Our CPI initiatives are tailored to the specific needs of the practice. It addresses the uniqueness of each practice considering the number of physicians, specialties involved, geographic location, existing infrastructure and future growth plans. Our solutions usually address the following:

  • Process improvement opportunities
  • Technology and analytics based enablers
  • Practice organization and staffing alignment to the practice goals

Consulting led implementations

Using a consulting approach of a cross functional team comprising of clinicians, six sigma process experts and practice specific domain specialists; Reventics not only makes its recommendations for practice result improvements, it also helps implement the same at the practice. Some of the areas where we have implemented extensive changes in the past are:

  • Practice management best practices
  • Patient interaction protocols
  • Onsite changes at the practice (layout, workflows, staffing, technology)

Focus on end to end solutions

Reventics CPI engagements start by understanding the practice budget better. Focus of the CPI initiatives is to improve financial outcomes while ensuring improved patient satisfaction levels. Clear metrics are established across the practice operations, that then get tracked on an ongoing basis throughout the engagement. Key areas across which metrics are established are:

  • Clinical operations
  • Administrative process efficiencies
  • Financial outcomes (both revenue and cost)

Solution Overview

Front-end/ Access Improvement

Our front-end solutions encompass both clinical and administrative workflows. Emphasis is given to automation as well as ensuring well defined protocol based interactions of the practice staff with the patient to ensure a smooth intake process. Some typical areas of focus for front end access improvement are:

Improved Resource Utilization

Improving clinical and administrative staff productivity is a key component of Reventics’ CPI engagements. Additionally, we use analytics to better understand resource utilization patterns and thereafter re-engineer the processes to drive better outcomes while ensuring optimal resource utilization. Some of the analytics that we undertake are:

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is a function of several factors. While the actual interaction with the physician is a key determinant of satisfaction, several administrative and non-clinical interactions weigh in equally in determining how likely the patient is to refer the practice to others. Some of the analytics and key intervention strategies followed by Reventics for improved patient satisfaction are: