Reventics applies technology driven holistic approach in providing a powerful data analytics platform combined with proprietary clinical rule-based engine, automated query workflows and comprehensive business intelligence framework to achieve better financial and quality outcomes.

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Big-data warehouse, integrating multiple types of data from disparate sources
  • Proprietary, rule based engine leveraging RevRCM framework focuses on automation and maximum revenue capture
  • End-to-end, analytics led insightful reporting platform utilizing real-time data
  • Actionable BI with summary, drilled down, trended, KPI, scorecard based dashboards

Clinical Practice Improvement

  • Data driven analytical approach coupled with a consulting framework
  • Bringing automation to drive complete front-end/access improvement
  • Technology framework assessing resource utilization patterns to re-engineer the process
  • Predictive modeling and analytics to improve patient satisfaction and workflow

Coding and Auditing Solutions

  • Leverages industry leading computer assisted coding (CAC) platform
  • Supported by RevCODE, Reventics’ proprietary coding and auditing framework
  • Scalable, ICD-10 compliant and up-to-date technology solution
  • Physician led and analytics driven end-to-end solution for exceptional accuracy

Clinical Documentation & Quality Improvement

  • Automated end-to-end query process workflow supported by RevCDQI platform for quick turnaround and resolution
  • Intelligent framework, identifying customized educational improvement opportunities
  • Actionable, deficiency level comparative scorecards at site, group and provider level
  • Proprietary analytics framework identifying E&M, HCC/RAF, CCI, CPT deficiencies