Improving your critical care documentation

When should you think about documenting critical care time? Whenever you take care of someone with a life or organ system threatening injury or illness and you do something to save their life, you should consider critical care. Some examples

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An introduction to ICD-10

What is ICD and ICD-10? ICD is the international classification of diseases -10th edition It was created in 1989 (26 years ago by the WHO to replace ICD-9.) It allows for more specific diagnoses, laterality, and timing codes since ICD-9

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Dr. Friendenson testifies against balanced billing bill

Dr. Friendenson testifies against balanced billing bill February 16, 2016 I recently testified on behalf of emergencies physicians at the Colorado State Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee, testifying against a bill that would have prohibited Out of Network billing by physicians. Fortunately after testimony by myself and several other physicians, the bill was defeated and we retain the ability to negotiate fairly with insurance companies. You can read more about the bill below.